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Venturing Fall Retreat

November 2nd thru November 4th

at Pine Tree Education & Environmental Center

Come out for a weekend filled with fun!  Eastern Mountain Sports will be coming out to give us a presentation. There will be team building games and competitions and a dance on Saturday night! Food is included!!!

Please sign up for the Fall Retreat as soon as possible. If you personally would like to come out to the event and your crew is not going, please contact me through messaging or email at so I can make accommodation for you.

Contacting VOA Officers

Looking to get in touch with the VOA officers?  Why not send them an e-mail?

Will Sheaffer, Council Venturing President:
Steph Cruz-Lopez, Council Venturing VP of Administration:
Zac Blanco, Council Venturing VP of Program:
Jackie Sheaffer, Council Venturing VP of Communication:

Get your Account Today!

Are you looking for access to the VOA website?  If so, send an e-mail to!  Tell us what crew you're from and if you're a current crew officer.  An account will be created for you.

Accounts give you the ability to post in the forums, access additional content, and get up to the date information on upcoming events!  You don't want to miss out!

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